[Mb-civic] Bush Sign Goes Down!

Lyle K'ang lyve at netzero.com
Wed Sep 29 17:39:02 PDT 2004

The Al Frankin Show on Air America and Other Liberal talk shows on XM Radio (Air America Left), all use the word hubris. There is nothing wrong in a word especially, when your life has brought you out of the hood and we can witness first hand-a beautiful world and how it could be.

We need to communicate where ever life leads us. To put down other's speech shows that you are very insecure with yourself and should take your 'LIFE' your experiences and "GO' directly to somewhere else.

You are truly not wanted-at least not by me and your childish babble.
You attacked me when I first came on-and frankly I have been online with this group ever since from the very first.

Why am I taking so much time with you-well because its a diversion and a breath of polluted air from my long slogs in building my online business.

In all your liberal talk-you are just a phony! A creep, a failure.

In fact, this whole group, except for a very few are real. The rest have quit because they couldn't take it. So -stop with your insecurities and stop calling people ignorant and get on WITH YOUR LIFE!

What are you?! A psychological trauma misfit!
P.S. If you haven't noticed the subject of this discussion is all about those that are insecure and must air their power with signs that smack you in the face. Why? Because simply-NO Class! No finesse', No Style, NO Life-Just Money, and YES!! Worse >>> POWER!!!

Another thought MONEY is NOT Everything-Look at Cheney, Bush, Blair, and Other Power hungry IDIOTS, very insecure, stupid, ignorant people. Why? They might as just float away----they have forgotten that they are too connected to the human race and we have a responsibility! They simply have choosen to Dance With The Devil ....dance, shall we dance...

Wake Up you're on a short leash,

Lyle K'ang

-- Cheeseburger <maxfury at granderiver.net> wrote:
Re:  Bush Sign Goes Down!

Alexander Harper wrote:

"I meant that I enjoyed Cheeseburger's polemic (does the use of this word 
put me on a par with 'hubris' users?)"

Well...  hehe, yes, yes it does....  LOL.....

"Hubris", again, sounds like a damn flower or something (I like flowers), 
and tends to make me think that although it is truly a "legitimate word", 
it is part of a conspiracy to subdue the full effective meanings of the 
words known and used by a majority of The Masses for quite some period of 
time now.

You don't seem to find many homies in the hood, people on the street in 
"everyday life" using it that often, or hear it coming over the pulpits of 
America, etc.  If you do, then it's catching on like hula hoops, except 
much more subtlely damaging to more than just the sacroiliac whatever, like 
the entire general acceptance of clear meanings of words themselves.

(Go ahead, file this all in the "New Conspiracy Theories" file, I don't 
care, hehe...)

Normally I just see it coming from those involved in, interested in etc a 
political genre, or just looking through the window at it.

Let's just take a look see for a sec though....

"Man, dude, I oughtta bust a cap in your ass...."
"Hey, homey, hang on there a minute, I have never seen such hubris 
emanating from you before, what's up with that...?"
"Don't go givin' me none of that long-winded polemic stuff, just square up 
so we be smokin again..."

"And I tell you again, no, there is no way into heaven except through the 
light.  The darkness is everywhere and seeks your soul.  You must remain 
awake, alert, listen to the good words hidden inside you.  The hubris of 
the devil is always watching, waiting for you to trip, sitting there with a 
polemic from hell tempting your untrained ear away from the truth..."

"I just got back from the supermarket, dear..."
"That's nice..."
"You wouldn't believe the hubris of the checkout person though..."
"What's that..."
"Yes, I had a twenty and they wouldn't change it.  I was so splenetic over 
their complete lack of coadjuvancy that I almost broke off one of their 
"Well, did you do your best to be propitious and inveigling, dear...?"
"Yes, yes I did, but they still insisted on being contumelious and spewing 
forth fustian..."
"Honey, do I have to sit here and listen to this polemic, or are we going 
to have supper tonight...?"

I dunno...  I got a sick feeling that "hubris" is just the beginning.  :|

Well, hehe, lol, all in all, I'm sure it's not a sin to know all the words, 
or many of the words that are not "commonly used" by a majority of The 
Masses, in the English language (England Out Of Ireland..!!), or use them.

It just seems rather interesting to observe that some do and some do not 
use them, either knowing or being completely oblivious to the basic fact 
that many many many of The Masses still have to look such things up in the 
dictionary, especially if one was speaking to The Masses to begin with.

It's almost equated with discussing quantum physics with an 8 year old kid, 
besides the useful side effect that some might actually go out and look it 
up in a dictionary and learn "of" and/or "about" a "new" word.

No biggie, I just find it humorous sometimes, heh...  :)

It's a reflection of something like some kind of aberrant 3 card monte of 
"misuse" of the Common Language so many of us grew up with and have used 
most of our lives.

See, even "aberrant" approaches the same level, LOL......

"Hubris", I dunno...  Sounds like a word that shot out of the Queen's ass 
or something.

I'm not kissin' her butt either...

Oh well, so much for words.

There are literally a *vast* amount of words that one does not normally use 
in conversation "In America", nor write with, nor communicate with on a 
personal, business, or speechmaking level.

"Hubris" and "Polemic" are just the two I have singled out which I have 
heard most from lately, hehe...

"Polemic", by the way, sounds like some nasty European game played in the 
bedroom with kitchen utensils on a weekend....


Although, in closing, I consider the word "polemic" more "well-used" than 

Not that any of it matters, but it's something to do when the ghouls and 
goblins are on the prowl.

Now I finally realize why they put Halloween right before Presidential 

Anyway, about "Viva Bush", you were right, my spanish is slacking again, it 
means "Long Live Bush" approximately.

One can only hope it is in a prison cell beside Dick Cheney and Karl Rove 
and Gang.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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