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Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Wed Sep 29 05:43:05 PDT 2004

Midnight News Gazette.....

The Miracle Of The Healing Of The Varicose Veins


Israeli Spies And Cerebral Palsy Victims


Greenhouse Gases Rising In Air Over Antarctica


Bahrain Human Rights Group Disbanded Director Arrested


15 Year Old Kills 4 In Argentina School


Israelis Still Gearing Up To Begin Armageddon


Whew, Diablo Nuclear Plant Not Damaged By 6.0 California Quake


Mayor Bloomberg Helps Fuc* America Up The A*s


John Lennon Killer Again Up For Parole


Hooray for Lennon, screw Bloomberg he's an ass, as well as the people who 
kept the protestors off the precious grass of The Great Lawn in Manhattan.

Horticulture will always be more important to some in America than Democracy.

John would have been 64 years old this year ("When I'm 64").

It's sad to hear that NYC where John, among so many other nice people, used 
to live, walk, play music, and laugh is turning into a Police State.

If the people there are unwittingly? ignorant? enough to elect *another* 
assholian Republican like Bloomberg as Mayor *the next time* the mayoral 
election comes around, then they deserve him.  I can't really understand 
*how* or *why* they would elect Bloomberg in the first place.  He has all 
the civic responsibility of a cold sore.

Giuliani is the scab on top of it.

Ok, it's after midnight, my time is almost up.

I'm going to go back into my room and wait for the Republican Party to turn 
back into a pumpkin.

If the world falls apart, wake me up.

Still miss you, John, even 24 years later.  Again, I know if you were here 
you would have walked to the Great Lawn, sat down with a little box lunch, 
taken a nap, and when you woke up there would have been a couple of million 
people sitting around you staring at "John Lennon" that day of the RNC 
waiting to see what you would do.

Knowing you, you would have done something outrageously subversive like 
play a song on your guitar.

Lucky for everyone the Republican Party pre-empted such major flaws of this 
New World Order.

Who knows, that international terrorist Cat Stevens might have even snuck 
in through Mexico to sing harmony.

Instead, all we have down here is the Feds still smuggling coke.

Speaking of which, I was watching a video the other night, it was called "X 
Men 2" or something, the 2nd "X Men", and there was an advertisement before 
it on the video.  A young guy got out of his car on a little highway and 
walked over to a few crucifixes and some flowers on a spot on the ground 
where someone had been killed.  The captions then read something like "So 
and so was killed under the influence.  It was MARIJUANA that did it.  His 
brother (the guy in the advertisement) was driving that night while high."

There is so much cocaine, heroin, crack, speed, etc etc etc roaming around 
all across America that it is ridiculous.  And we're basically a huge 
nation of confirmed alcoholics for the most part.  As well as prescription 
drug addicts.

But the war on MARIJUANA is what makes it into the lead up footage on 
videos such as "X Men 2" in your local video store.

That's the very first time in my life I have heard of anyone being killed 
by someone driving a car who had smoked a joint.

Usually they are filled full of alcohol, liquor, or drugs such as coke, 
heroin, crack, or speed.

If you ever hear of another instance happening, let me know.

It's always good to know that in this world where big business, big 
government, big polluters, and big bullshit practice mass ripoffs, deaths, 
sufferings, injustices, destruction and ruination, that something like 
marijuana which scientists are beginning to discover that the THC in it has 
cancer-eliminating properties, will always be considered the primary tool 
of The Devil himself to corrupt and enslave The Masses inbetween their 
alcoholic and prescription drug dazes.

A Presidential Commission itself delivered a report that advised that 
marijuana should be legalized.

The President, Bush, refused to even read the report, commenting something 
akin to "Hey, so they're my own investigative Commission, fuck em...".

Ya gotta give the Republicans credit for a complete lack of realism no 
matter what.  That should go a long way when the oil and water start to run 

Ok, it's a couple minutes after midnight, the Republican Party is starting 
to morph, I gotta get some pictures and send them to the Enquirer.

Anyways, just always try to remember that the Government is your friend.

They just have a tendency to squeeze you to death because they love you so 



- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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