[Mb-civic] Bush Sign Goes Down!

Barbara Siomos barbarasiomos38 at webtv.net
Tue Sep 28 17:12:37 PDT 2004

That's our Lyle!!!

Thanks Lyle.
>From: "Lyle K'ang" <lyve at netzero.com> 
>Date: Tue, Sep 28, 2004, 7:38pm (EDT+4) 
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>Subject: Re: [Mb-civic] Bush Sign Goes Down!

Sounds like we're imploding folks...suck it up...move on>>>>Nov. 2nd.
Are you going to go canvassing? Visit VFW's? Knock on doors? Man phones
banks? Or just spend your time bitchin' at each other?
Sure some of us are ass holes:_)
Go outside-or do more or leave the computer behind and get MORE
Lyle K'ang
-- "Little Birdie" <lbirdie at hotmail.com> wrote: 
Could the moderator explain why Cheese can use words like a**hole and
f**k but my emails get bounced for saying horsesh*t? It is'nt fair. 
No email of yours was bounced for anything like that by me, nor would it
be! Did you receive a bounce notification that said it was? If you still
have it, or if it happens again, please forward what you get to me at
<dayton3 at rcn.com> and I will figure it out.
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