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Re:  Bush Sign Goes Down!

RJ Mac wrote:

Thanks for posting this anecdote.  I've been getting
pretty tired of the continuous stream of e-mailed
articles, and starting to doubt if anyone has any
original thoughts of their own.

There's original thought here.  Ask a question.  Start a discussion.  Make 
a statement.  Lots of busy people here.  Emailed articles are one form of 
communication, especially about what's up around here and there.  Let's 
hear some original thoughts, or, again, feel free to ask a 
question.  There's probably an expert hanging around here for just about 
any subject under the sun, except of course things like sub-nuclear 
microbiological neo-physics.

Now, as for the well-being of this sign, I do not
think this is an admirable action, whoever did it.

1.  Fuck Bush, he's an asshole, among many more currently at the top of 
this disastrous administration etc.

Secondly, it's probably better than dragging black men to their deaths 
behind pickup trucks.

3.  I gotta have some respect for the person with enough nerve to actually 
take advertising into their own hands in the face of the maniacal political 
publicists that currently suck off the lifeblood of America like the 
parasites they are.

It wasn't legal nor ethical that they tore down the sign.

However, it was morally acceptable by some people in a country that has 
been led to hell in the last few years by people who have betrayed America 
and everything it was mildly ever even *supposed* to have fictionally stood 

That doesn't make it right, that only makes people like me smile.

Putting an actual smile on my face is a basic impossibility.  And I didn't 
really smile, but I did find it rather amusing that someone would go to the 
horrible malicious step of undermining the rule of Law in America by 
ripping a sign in favor of a despot off of a fence somewhere in New Mexico.

"Viva", by the way, doesn't translate as the word "life" in Spanish as far 
as "Viva Bush" as the sign read, it means rather "hooray for", ergo the 
sign read in Spanish "Hooray For Bush".

4.  Fuck Bush.  He's an asshole.  Fuck his crew up the wazoo with a 2 by 4 
sideways.  He sucks.  Now *that* might look good on a sign.  :)

While it should be paradoxical, instead it has become
blunt fact that the "Left" has become totally
intolerant to expression of any views outside of their

It has not yet been proven that "The Left", whoever the fuck that is, in 
America were responsible for tearing down that sign.

For all we know it was some drunk on his ass guy who just turned the corner 
after getting his dick bit by a prostitute.

For this essay, however, we will assume that "The Left" is comprised of 
anybody against Bush at this late date one month from The Election.

By the way, I don't really *hate* "Bush, Etc".  I just think they should be 
tried for treason by the Congress, found guilty, and hanged on the grounds 
of the White House to set a future example that America will no longer 
tolerate despots in the guise of patriots.

The fevered climate of "I Hate Bush" that is swirling
around is, to me, becoming tedious and exasperating.

Here, kid...   Have a lifesaver.....    :|

Is he a wonderful president? In my opinion, No.

Ok, let's be realistic.  The guy burned out most of his brain cells during 
the 60's or 70's with cocaine, booze, and bad pussy.  A silver spoon-fed 
fake cowboy and patriot whose father was not only previously the head of 
the CIA but was also President as well, saturated with the taintings of big 
oil, big business, and big bullshit.  I can almost not *remember* the last 
time we had "a wonderful president", and that includes his crooked father 
as well.  They've sold out America and brought us to ruin a million times 
before this, but this time, since 911, has become to dangerous to tolerate 
them anymore as functional trusted "higher" members of any form of 
Democracy.  Their interests do not only not solely lay with The People 
Themselves, but The People's interests rather appear to be the farthest 
thing from their minds, and that includes all those they surround 
themselves with.

So, in retrospect, I'll have to agree with you, no, Bush is *not* "a 
wonderful president".  A vast understatement amidst the continuation of 
"The System" eating our eyes out with them at The Top while we continue to 
literally pay for it all in many more ways than just one.

But the mindset of "hating Bush" has, in anyone I've spoken to, no 
developed alternative, not one of the "Bush Haters" I've spoken with can 
expresses any
informed support for Mr. Kerry, and they often have almost as much negative 
to say about him. As one friend said it, "I'd even vote for a hand-puppet over
Bush."  You see, I get no sense that there is positive support in favor of 
John Kerry.  There is only the fevered mania on the wind: hating the man in 
the seat of responsibility.

Ok, look, kid, it's like this.

At this late date of getting to sit around in our living rooms and actually 
watch the literal dismantling of a country for which so many people worked, 
suffered, and died to create and maintain at even a remotely recognizable 
level of "True Hope" for The Masses, *The Choice* of choosing between Bush 
or Kerry =might=, who knows, might actually be akin to choosing between 
L*cifer or S*tan, and although people might not like S*tan just as much as 
they might not like L*cifer, they at least are still smart enough to 
realize that S*tan has a shorter dick, so when he shoves it up the ass of 
America, it at least tends to hurt a bit less.

And, all in all, I would rather have people hating people like Bush rather 
than each other as the "Bushes" of the world have managed to sucker them 
into for forever here in this home of the brave and land of the free.

As far as Bush being "the man in the seat of responsibility".

Fuck Bush.

He's proven to be less of a man than most of the hardworking Americans that 
still attempt to eke out a living here.

That should be enough.

But the "seat of responsibility" can not, in all honesty nor logic at this 
time, be called "responsible" any longer, as Bush & Gang have thrown 
"responsibility" to the wind, along with the rest of our sorry asses here 
in America.

Puppet show indeed.

Bush is nothing more than a dawdling puppet set in the template of the "New 
World Order".  Which is nothing more than the "Old World Order" except with 
better Publicists.

Oh, yeah, and a chickenshit.

"Bush Haters" of "The Left".


I love it.

The guy is an asshole.  It's not my fault other people can see it too.

If people choose to lump them in with more labels, hey, get a ticket and 
stand in line, Bush & Gang are far ahead of you.  Sign or no sign.

Though I'm no fan of Mr. Bush, I've yet to hear which
shade of Utopia Mr. Kerry will usher in.

He won't, you're right.

However, regardless of all arguments from everyone from A to Z, he remains 
the only other horse on the race track.

One can only hope that if he winds up being elected that he would be even 
the remotest shade less than the misery and disaster that has thusly 
emanated from The Top currently.

However, since such misery is not a sole result of just "The White House", 
involving so many other branches, as well as even our Military, CIA, FBI, 
Congress, Justice Department, Etc, it is highly unlikely that Kerry could 
ever walk into The White House, shake his fiery stick of Justice, and have 
all the harbingers of death, misery, graft, corruption, betrayal, treason, 
etc etc etc, who have walked the hallways, byways and highways of 
Washington D.C. for so long with a swagger in their strut and their dick up 
America's ass, cringe in Terror, Obligation, and Reparation at the power 
and expediency of his "Democracy Will".

If he even has one.

But all in all, yeah, it's a "Corrupted System" which he, or anyone else, 
would be walking into to begin with.

There is no guarantee whatsoever that he would be a better "President" than 

But we're changing horses (hopefully) regardless, just for something to do.

The main points I want to make in this entry are:

- by example of the destruction of the Bush sign, the
"liberals" have become incredibly close-minded and
alarmingly intolerant of free speech;

Ok, I'm just jotting it all down, heh.

"Bush Haters", "The Left", "Liberals", "Closeminded", and "Intolerant of 
Free Speech".

Lemme see what I got now, hang on, ok...

"Late Sunday night in Sante Fe New Mexico, a clandestine group of 
close-minded intolerant Leftist Bush-Hating Liberals ripped down a sign 
that read 'Viva Bush' outside of Carmen Valenzuela's house.  When she 
yelled at them out the window, they shouted back 'Shut the hell up, Bush 
sucks..!!'  When asked how she knew they were a clandestine group of 
close-minded intolerant Leftist Bush-Hating Liberals, Mrs. Valezuela 
responded 'Hey, they were out at night, there were more than one of them, 
they ripped my sign down, when I yelled at them they told me to shut the 
hell up, and 2 of them had bicycles.  When I saw the bicycles, I knew right 

- "Bush Hating", as a political mindset, is an incomplete, puerile 
mentality.  There must be a subject which offers a solid, credible 
alternative to base your faith in.  "anyone but Bush" is too easy, it's 
lazy opinion without responsibility.

I had to look "puerile" up, hehe.  I hate it when people use words I don't 
understand, lol.  As an aside, I think whoever came up with the term 
"hubris" and made it popular should be forced to wear Barney the Dinosaur's 
dirty underwear for a week on their head.  It sounds like a fucking flower, 
instead of "ARROGANCE", which has much more bite and reality to it.  It's 
like they're trying to subdue the actual language now even.  Amazing shit.

Anyway, back to "puerile", that means "juvenile".

Ok, so we got a President who was an alchoholic and cocaine freak who never 
finished his National Guard duty so he could run around with women, drugs, 
and get into Politics like his daddy, and who has so far managed to kill 
about 1,000 American Soldiers, wound about 7,000 American Soldiers, murder 
about 30,000? Iraqi men women and children, throw the USA into chaos, 
disorder, and dis-Constitution after 911, alienate just about the entire 
fucking world including our own Allies, break just about every Law known to 
mankind, ignore the U.N., Geneva Convention, Etc completely forever until 
he needs them for some stupid reason, invade a country which hated 
Bin-Laden while we were *after* Bin-Laden and in doing so managed to make 
an actual breeding ground for *future* Bin-Ladens, all for Oil and 
dominance and military bases in The Middle East, and bankrupt America in 
the process, while stamping every piece of evidence from the Pentagon to 
the Justice Department to the National Security Council to the CIA to the 
Congress to the ETC as "Confidential" "Classified" "Secret" "Top Secret" 
"National Security" etc etc etc, just to cover his and his gang's ass.

We won't even get into the domestic, environmental, etc stuff.

So =*THAT*= I am supposed to look at and go "Hey, guys, you know, that is 
*so* un-puerile and mature that I just have to admire that, salute that, 
and kiss his ass, a true level-headed American Patriot until the very end".

Kiss it goodbye, ain't never gonna happen.

Tear the signs down, kids, just don't take your bicycles next time.

"Anyone But Bush" isn't "too easy".

It's the only option left to anyone, whether they like it or not.

And a month away from The Election, it doesn't really matter that much 
anymore if anyone can "justify" their voting for Kerry or not.

In the face of the misery, death, destruction, and horror that Bush & Gang 
have created and continue to maintain to this very millisecond, it is the 
only rational choice, unless one is a petrified forest waiting for Bambi to 
come and save it from its freeze frame.

Not that it makes that much difference within a System that is already 
Corruption Incarnate itself, but, again, it's something to do other than 
what we've been doing since 2000.

If you hang out in America for a while, you're going to find a LOT of 
people who say something like "Look, Kerry isn't Bush.  It couldn't be any 
worse.  I'm voting for Kerry".

They don't sit around and scan news stories which they can't even receive 
in their homes like a lot of people on the Internet.

They look at the little picture they are given.

So far, since 2000, the picture is a mess, they realize this, at least a 
LOT of them.

That's as about as close to a "logic-based rationale" for voting for Kerry 
instead of Bush this time around that anyone is normally going to get 
unless you're out with a camera crew and a microphone doing some interviews.

And even then most of the stuff you would wind up hearing would be what 
they have seen on tv, heard on the radio, or read in the newspapers.

So far The American Media remains on Bush's side whole-heartedly.

Which remains the one main reason Kerry might not win in November.

You're asking for "firmly based intelligent rationales" from the Peanut 
Gallery, when the Peanut Gallery only knows what they "read in the papers" 
for the most part.

The "Iraq War", among a few other things that were horrifically and 
inadvertently leaked out to the American Masses, has been a disaster in the 
making, especially with the "findings of the 911 Commission".

That's the main picture a LOT of people are looking at.

As far as "Ok, now tell us, what logic are you using in your decision to 
vote for Kerry in November...?", "Anything But Bush" is what they're 
probably thinking, no matter what words pop out of their mouths.

Well, hehe, *that particular response* I could write 4 pages on, but I'll 
drop it right there.

"And why are you voting for Kerry...?"
"I dunno..."
"There must be some reason..."
"Oh yeah, Bush has beady eyes, he looks like a crook..."
"I see, and why are you voting for Kerry...?"
"Yeah, Bush screwed up in Iraq..."
"Ok, and why are you voting for Kerry...?"
"He was in Nam and got shot in the ass..."
"Ok, I see..."
"Yeah, and I didn't like those commercials the Bush people put out..."
"I see, and why are you voting for Kerry...?"
"He speaks French and does sports..."
"Allright, and why are you voting for Kerry...."
"He seems to have a better grip on actual reality rather than Bush and the 
crooks he has surrounded himself with..."
"Ok, and why are you voting for Kerry....?"
"He's anyone but Bush..."
"Well, I see...  Ok, that just about wraps it up for us out on the street, 
back to you in the studio, Karen......"

-- I really value the personal input of live,
unpublished people, often more than the news
clippings, so I'm glad you posted, and hope others
will do more of it.


I hope you feel you've gotten your money's worth....


p.s.  Cheney is Barbara Bush's sister who had a sex change, changed her 
identity in the witness protection program, and entered politics so long ago.

All in all, I wish I could say I was a close-minded intolerant Leftist 
Bush-Hating Liberal, but I am a very open-minded person with most things, 
normally and unfortunately often tolerant to a fault, never voted "Left" or 
"Right" or associated with either specifically in my entire life, and sit 
here in my little world not really "hating" Bush, but just wishing they 
would all be tried in what's left of America's Court and Justice System in 
this current Administration, found guilty, and hanged from a tree on the 
White House lawn as an example for future despots, tyrants and traitors.

If you, or anyone, or the rest of the world, however, wish to put me in a 
little box and label me according to your own perceptions of Reality and 
Truth in this world of Lies, Bullshit, and Illusions, sorry, again you'll 
have to take a ticket and stand in line, people *like* Bush & Gang are eons 
ahead of you.

The only really outrageous thing I do is own a bicycle.

Which is another reason you won't find me in NYC anytime soon.

(See Harold's post here about Bicycle Arrests in NYC)

I used to love that place.  I still do.  I just won't ride my bike there 

p.s.   Fuck Bush.  He's a chickenshit.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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