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Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Sun Sep 26 02:53:15 PDT 2004

Click Here For A Free Toaster

Hehe....  It's so funny.  When you're going to different websites and you 
see "Can Kerry (or) Bush be Trusted?  Vote now and get a $50 gift 
certificate" or somesuch "Vote now, can etc" thing pop up in a new screen 
box thing.

Well, I don't want a free gift certificate, I want a toaster.

One that doesn't get too hot on the outside and can handle four slices of 
bread and browns them evenly on each side.

Is that *really* asking too much..?

Look, keep the gift certificates and just send me a toaster, and I will 
vote a million times on the Internet that both Bush and Kerry can be trusted.

Even though it's now sadly become obvious that just about the entire 
Government can't be trusted, I will lie and say that, sure, one guy or 
another at The Top is more trusty than the next...  for a toaster.

Even though Kerry's position remains neck in neck with Bush's securing Iraq 
and "bringing Democracy to the Middle East", Bush is a madman and must be 

But look, just send me my f*cking toaster and I will say anything you want 
me to.  If you don't I'll just stop hangin' out on this stupid Internet 
thing of yours.

If you ask me about it all, well, I go along with the missus, you can't 
trust any of them.

They don't know squat about changing the world for the better for the most 
part, or if they do they already know that if they try to change it too 
drastically they will just get shot in the head like any other politician 
that gets too big for his pants.

They're just about ALL basically just a bunch of CROOKS, is the basic 
bottom line.

Why do you think it is that we NEVER seem to just "wow, we lucked out" and 
get an actual President that actually snaps his fingers at the top of the 
food chain in America and the world starts to regain its sanity, health, 
well-being and longevity..?

Such things are *unheard* of.

Can Kerry actually be trusted to pick up the gauntlet and carry on with the 
work our actual forefathers of this country began so long ago in the face 
of the absolute corruption this "System" has evolved into...?

Probably not.

Can Bush be trusted to do *anything* even mildly humane or sane about 

Absolutely not.

So there's the two choices running in this upcoming Presidential election.

One "Probably Not".

And one "Absolutely Not".

I'll go this time with door #1 the "Probably Not" as that's the most 
well-rounded logical decision if you're anything other than a pickle barrel.

Although it won't make *that* much difference in "The Taming Of The Middle 
East" project that whomever is going to inherit from Bush and The Whole 
System as far as anything remotely connected to wisdom taking over the 
reins of Foreign Policy, which obviously struck an iceberg eons ago.

That's unsettling.  As well as all the "New Security World" atmosphere 

3 years down the road from 911 and I look around and see the Bush etc 
madness, the situation in the Middle East that is unquestionably leading us 
into WWIII farther than we are already, I see the entire madness of all the 
departments, personnel, etc involved, the lies, the cover-ups, the 
classifying of documentary evidence left and right, the secrecy, etc etc 
etc, and it is *much* more than the most disastrously unsettling thing I've 
seen in quite a while.

It's *Treason*.

And the Media and the Congress and the Etc have just thrown it to the wind.

There's not really enough water left to wash the blood from their hands 
anymore anyway.

And I hear so many sides now talking positively about "Bringing Democracy 
To The Middle East" and I laugh as I already know they can't even bring 
Democracy to America.

When they learn to outlaw War, then I will consider their claim to be 
civilized nations.

They can't even feed, clothe, house, and educate their own people properly.

Nor do any of them even appear to even *want* to *properly* anymore.

The "War" thing will just have to wait, I suppose.

There is no "Gandhi" among any of them.

Besides all the 911 stuff that's half good and the other half that is 
burning rights, freedoms and the Constitution as quickly as it can, 
mainland America is a mess.

Economically, so they say, the middle class and the poor are on their way 
out the door.


Where they are going to go is the 64 million dollar question, lol.......

The environment was trashed long ago for the most part.

Well, geez, reiterating the long list of "What's not working right in 
America" is redundant, go look it up.  It's huge.

And then we get madmen, and madwomen, at The Top who lead us into the jaws 
of "The New Crusade", actually =mysteriously= *away* from Bin-Laden (not 
counting toward renewed global breeding of terrorism) and put all the young 
people out front like the cowards they always are sitting comfortably a 
zillion miles away in a board room pushing the buttons.

And their predecessors in the political arena were partly responsible for 
getting us in this fix to begin with.

For almost *forever*.

And the list of scandals, treasons, crimes, betrayals etc's that has gone 
on forever here in America at The Top is a litany too huge to even try to 

It's always been just like a huge cash register, and they controlled it, 
and they made millions and billions, don't go to jail anymore, and we paid 
and continue to pay for it all.

The supreme con job.  The utter betrayal of America.  The unspeakable spoken.


And then in the face and midst of all these immense disastrous catastrophic 
country-demolishing events unfolding forever and now like some bloody play 
from Hell, I get you putting up little things on the Internet that pops up 
on my screen asking me to vote for either Kerry or Bush whether which one 
can be trusted more than the other....?

Well, look...  just keep the f*cking toaster.....

I'll learn to live without it.



- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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