[Mb-civic] History Can Offer Bush Hope ...

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Thu Sep 23 16:20:25 PDT 2004

Re:  History Can Offer Bush Hope ...

Ok, I did what I thought was best.

I read your entire article at the LA Times, Max.

I figured I should at the very least do that, rather than just go with my 
gut instincts from the previous Right Wing Apologist slop you have written 
in the past, and give you the benefit of the doubt, if it existed.

I was hoping I was wrong, that you didn't *really* secretly wish you were 
Laura Bush spreading her legs for one of the most traitorous jerkoffs who 
has ever risen to the power of the White House in America.

But I wasn't wrong.

You're spreading your legs every day for The Republican Party, hoping and 
hoping that one of them will notice you, dress you up, slap you around, and 
put you on the street to bring them a little bit more nose candy money each 

Fuck off, Max, you're an *sshole.

You can take all that "fashionable funk", as you label it, and shove it up 
your *ss.

I really don't know how jerkoffs like you get jobs like you have, but when 
I find out, I'm going to fix that.

Things have changed, a bit, Max, since Lincoln and Roosevelt.

One of the things that will apparently never change, however, is people 
like you, Max, who will sit there in Modern Times in a Modern Newspaper and 
spell out all the atrocities-mistakes-etc that people like Lincoln or 
Roosevelt made, compare them to the ones the current useless traitorous 
boob in the White House has-is-will continue to make, and come up with some 
bizarre rationale that Bush might still have "Hope" to "win, whatever" 
since previous Presidents of America were "much more destructive etc".

That you can loosely label the current "brouhaha" of intelligent anti-Bush 
sentiment rising not only in this country but all over the world as being 
nothing more than mistakenly placed "today's fashionable funk" only goes to 
show you wish that you could not only write for the LA Times and spout your 
bullshit endlessly but *really* be in some little alcove spreading your 
legs getting it royally from your current Master Of Shit.

That you have the balls to even vaguely write "'Colossal failures of 
judgment' are to be expected in wartime." as Bush & Gang *continue* to lead 
us down the road to COMPLETE DISASTER economically, politically, 
international standing, American and Other lives, ETC, continues to show 
that you remain nothing more than an extension of the same kind of 
assholian mentality, ruthlessness, and "we want to own control and diminish 
everyone but ourselves and people who think like us, bow down and kiss our 
asses" that spews forth from such jerkoffs as all the Right Wing talk show 
hosts, Fox News, Limbaugh, etc.

One can only hope that if Kerry wins this election by some miracle, that 
they can your butt over there and then you can go back to kissing Right 
Wing ass at the strip joint where they found you.

If you're going to write such bullshit articles in the future, Max, one can 
only hope that you take off the kid gloves and just come right out and say 
what you *really* want to say.

Just come out and tell the world, instead of beating around the "bush", 
that you worship every bit of foul smelling sweat that beads up and finally 
drops from the butts of the Republican Right Wing jerkoffs.

And that you sit there, like the devious little lap dog you are, Max, with 
your tongue sticking out blaring at anything that is *not* Republican Right 
Wing, hoping to catch every drop of it.

Really, Max, stop kidding around, just come out and say what you *really* 
want to say *how* you really want to say it.

And here "hope" is offered even to you.  Free yourself, Max.  Just stop 
using mild innuendo to get your Right Wing Assholian points across to the 
rest of America.  We can take it.

Go to Confession, Max, as it's now a little too over-obvious that Mankind 
and their Suffering which you disdain cannot give you absolution.

I have faith in you, Max.

Don't disappoint me.

Stop stuttering and just spit it all out.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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