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Subject: International Moral Court to Investigate Iranian Regime

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

  International Moral Court to Investigate Iranian Regime

  September 21, 2004
IRI Crimes
Press Release

  Paris -- An International Moral Court, Paris Tribunal, initiated by
the Iranian Action Committee will bring together an unprecedented group
of prominent legal experts, scholars, diplomats and human rights
advocates in Paris this week to hear witnesses, document and
investigate the clerical regime of Iran on its crimes against humanity.

Only the second of its kind in history, "the Paris Tribunal will
document for the international community the Islamic Republic¹s serial
and systematic abuse of human rights against the Iranian people² said
Dr. Manouchehr Ganji, himself a former United Nations Special
Rapporteur on Human Rights.

  According to Dr. Ganji, as the most active state sponsor of
international terrorism Iran¹s ruling regime has, for more than two
decades, suppressed, violated and terrorized citizens of Iran. To date,
it has summarily killed more than 200,000; tortured, maimed, stoned to
death thousands more; made to disappear and assassinated numerous
others, at home and abroad; and currently incarcerates, by its own
account, more than 600,000 in Iranian prisons.

  ³The Paris Tribunal, by hearing from the immediate families of those
killed and from many tortured victims of the Iranian Regime, will
attempt to arouse the global conscience and seek to shame governments
and multinationals into taking actions in support, and not against, the
people of Iran," said Dr. Ganji.

  The Paris Tribunal will be seated between September 23-25, 2004 at the
Paris Hilton La Defense, and will hold hearings and receive testimony
from expert witnesses and actual victims of human rights abuses by the
Iranian regime. In judicious and impartial performance of its function,
the Paris Tribunal has formally delivered notice to the Embassy of the
Islamic Republic of Iran, in Paris, to send official representatives to
also take part in its deliberations.

  Members of the Paris Tribunal Moral Court are individuals from nine
different countries with impeccable international respectability with
authority on matters of human rights, international law and public
diplomacy. At the conclusion of its three days initial session, the
Paris Tribunal will report its findings and recommendations to the
international community.

  The Paris Tribunal is a creation and product of the Committee to
Pursue the International Crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran
(www.iricrimes.org), a 27 member Committee of Iranians of all political
stripes and professional orientations currently living in exile. Its
funding comes exclusively from contributions of Iranians at home and

  The founding organizer of the Committee to Pursue the International
Crimes of the Islamic Republic of Iran is Dr. Manouchehr Ganji a former
United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights. He is a former
Minister of Education of Iran, former Dean of Law School at Tehran
University and is Secretary-General of the Organization for Human
Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for Iran.

  The impetus for the creation of the International Moral Court on Iran
was born in 2002 ­ when the United Nations Commission on Human Rights
surreptitiously dropped the post of Special Representative on
Violations of Human Rights in Iran. This appeasing act was the result
of actions by certain member states of the world body that chose to
pursue short term commercial, oil and gas, interests with Tehran. -END-

CONTACT: Roxana Ganji
Email: IMConIran at aol.com
Website: www.iricrimes.org

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