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  SEPTEMBER  15, 2004 21:54
by Sung-Won Joo (swon at donga.com <mailto:swon at donga.com> )
  Amidst rising suspicions regarding Iran’s nuclear  weapons development, a
news report was released suggesting that  U.S. military training is
underway with the aim of toppling the Iranian government.   On  September
14, UPI quoted a source saying, “Under the premise of not  entering an
all-out war with Iran, U.S.  special forces are training to topple the
regime by penetrating the nation  and cooperating with Iranian dissidents.”
UPI  reported that the training was taking place in Tampa, Florida,  where
the central command’s military base that is responsible for the  Middle East
region is located.   UPI  forecasted, “The regime change is a top priority
for the neo-cons of the  George W. Bush administration and will become a
national task of the  U.S. government if President  Bush is reelected in the
November election.”  The  report suggests that the U.S. has erased Iranian
dissident group Mujaheddin E Khalq  (MEK) from the State Department’s
terrorist groups list a few  months ago, and secretly proceeded with
military training thereafter for  the regime change.  MEK  was classified as
a terrorist group for killing U.S.  officials, but it is said that the
neo-cons of the U.S. Defense Department  recently judged that the group
could be used to topple the Iranian regime.   The  neo-cons believe that MEK
could be used in a similar way to the Iraq  National Congress (INC). INC
contributed to the victory of the Iraqi War  by providing important
information within Iraq to the U.S.   UPI  reported, “Currently in the
Middle East, an ‘October Clash Theory’ is  emerging, asserting that
President Bush will deploy Israeli air forces  next month to attack Iran’s
Bushehr nuclear power  plant, which is suspected of developing nuclear
weapons. There are rumors  that the Israeli Air Force is training for air
raids with downsized  imitations of the nuclear plant set up in the Negev


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