[Mb-civic] Rumsfeld Misleads on Iraqi Security Forces

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Mon Sep 20 09:55:49 PDT 2004

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The ability of U.S. forces to exit Iraq is contingent on the training of Iraqi forces that can provide for their own security. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has seriously misled the American people about the number of Iraqis that have been trained. 

In February, Rumsfeld touted the large number of Iraqis serving in security forces that had completed training. Rumsfeld said, "there are over 210,000 Iraqis serving in the security forces. That is an amazing accomplishment. There are a number of thousands more that are currently in training."[1] Rumsfeld's statement was grossly inaccurate. On Tuesday, Rumsfeld admitted, "we're training up their security forces now...about 105,000 are now properly trained and equipped."[2] 

But never fear. Rumsfeld now promises that "between now and the end of the year into mid-'05...that number then will go up -- back up over 200,000."[3] 


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