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Bush's Audiences

September 20, 2004


To the Editor: 

"Before Friendly Audiences on the Trail, a Looser, Livelier
Bush Appears" (White House Letter, Sept. 13) mentions the
policing of dissent at events, but does not mention the
campaign's pre-emptive invitation process. 

Through a misplaced phone call, we were invited to pick up
tickets for a convention-week appearance in Michigan. The
invitation was nearly rescinded when we said we were
neither registered Republicans nor likely supporters of the
president. We were granted nontransferable tickets only
after a campaign supervisor sensed that her colleague's
"grilling" (his word) might appear, well, undemocratic.
This grilling session sought a loyalty oath. 

We're still on the presidential guest list; President Bush
himself calls to urge us to use the absentee ballot his
campaign secured, and we're invited to attend events 200
miles away. These "rapturous" crowds are not only vetted
but, apparently, willing to travel. 

Jennifer Wenzel 
Joseph Slaughter 
Ypsilanti, Mich., Sept. 16, 2004



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