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Ian ialterman at nyc.rr.com
Mon Sep 20 08:36:56 PDT 2004

Was anyone else watching CNN last night?  They reported a recent poll done (I'm not certain by whom) in 30 countries.  People were asked: "If the U.S. elections were being held here - if you had a chance to vote for Bush or Kerry - for whom would you vote?"

In 25 of 30 countries, Kerry led my overwhemling margins.  In another 4 countries, he led by lesser, but still definite, margins.  Only in Poland did he lose - and then by a small margin than in any country in which he beat Bush.  Indeed, many politicians in other country's governments, in expressing what they are hearing from their constituents, have basiclaly said, "Most of our people are simply at a complete loss to explain why anyone in the U.S. would want to re-elect Bush."

The report continued that this anti-Bush sentiment is having an effect on those country's elections, and specifically that leaders who have been "Bush-friendly" are finding themselves in tight races in their own elections.  For example, Silvio Berlusconi (Italy) is facing an increasingly difficult election, primarily because of his support of Bush.  And Australian Prime Minister John Howard - who has led his country through excellent economic and other times, won his last election with well over 60% of the vote, and who is (or at least was) generally well-liked in Australia - is in a dead heat with his challenger, solely because he supported Bush vis-a-vis the war in Iraq.

Most amazingly, a representative for British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently spoke to Mr. Bush's "people" and told them that Mr. Blair is going to have to "distance himself" from Bush right now "or he fears he and the Labor Party may lose the election."

Now if only the American people were as savvy as everyone else in the world!

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