[Mb-civic] The Domestication Of The Species

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Sun Sep 19 23:25:30 PDT 2004

The Domestication Of The Species

Up against this "New Man Thought", Darwin winds up being the guy who 
attaches the little piece of plastic to the ends of shoelaces.

Face it, it's common ordinary Fascism.

Call it what you wish, Fascism, Dictatorship, Liars, Traitors, whatever, 
it's all in a day's work.

Century's of grooming various populations as relatively compliant 
dependable consumers normally too overburdened to care or any longer even 
react further than their monthly bills.

The individual and collective freedom swamped by power and greed.

It was a little harder than regular animals because humans knew how to do 
things like count and had a specific language.

But it was managed anyway, and domestication of the species finally set in, 
even at the pinnacle of the most educated and advanced technological 
society alleged to ever have inhabited the earth.

In the Future, yes, it *will* probably evolve into something like the 
Morlocks vs the Eloi in "The Time Machine".

A simple mathematical formula.

And it's a much easier system to handle than a free and open society.

The simple approach and conquer plan, to anyone who might dare speak up, 
other than all the now over-obvious deceptions, lies and treasonous acts, 
is basically and tidily just "Go Fuck Yourself", even on the floor of the 
U.S. Senate.

Fascism to go.

That "The Free World" would just roll over, sit up, and beg, is astounding.

But the System is already in place from the local level, to the county, to 
the district to the regional, to the state, to the federal level, that just 
begs you to try anything other than that, even such outdated things as 
peaceful protest, positive legislative change, or non-rigged elections.

And you couldn't break it if you tried.

Please.  Never stop trying.

It's just that the odds that a bunch of domesticated inhabitants of a 
country winning in the face of a military-political-corporate coup d'etat 
that is currently in place limiting every liberty you can think of and 
classifying every document they can achieve, are about 8 zillion to minus 
something or other.

Face it, you're a bunch of trained monkeys who are literally stupid enough 
to continue to pay for your own ruin, decimation, domestication and 
indoctrination in the past, now and for generations to come.

You'd like to get more of the bananas and distribute them to more of your 
fellow monkeys and maybe make life better for everyone in the jungle, but 
your arms aren't powerful enough or long enough to reach through the bars 
of domestication which already enslave you on just about every level of 
your dependent existence of the current, past and future Fascists who 
dictate your entire lives for the most part, economically, socially, and 

"Eat The Right Wing" still comes closer than any other solution I've heard 
from anyone in a while.

You were invaded long before any pipsqueak things like "Al-Qaeda" were 
even  sucking milk at their mothers' breasts.

Our own guys.  How thoughtful of them.

They simply learned how to use one group of trained monkeys against another 
one and even against themselves so well, that it's all just a cakewalk for 
them now.

And you sit there and go on with your lives like nothing is out of the 
ordinary whatsoever for the most part.

It's a new dawn.   Wake the fuck up.

Then go out and wake your f*cking neighbors up.

And then don't go to bed until you're sure they woke up at least a few 
thousand people.


Or you can't even sit down and mildly discuss it with them as YOUR MEDIA is 
now nothing more than a tool for this new kinder gentler thousand points of 


Find a way.

You can not regain your country back unless you can contact America itself.

You can not contact America.

You either do not have the resources or else you're too stupid to do it.

Or just another coward.

Time to save your country.

Find someone with $20 Million or something, and begin doing a twice? yearly 
mailing of a postcard or onepage newsletter to every household in America 
(wow, if you put a return stamp with it, you would as a bizarre side-effect 
have =the most legitimate= "poll" [see someone else's post here, lol] that 
the world has ever seen)  Get a sponsor and it won't cost you a f*cking 
thin dime.

That's about the only way to CONTACT them.

ALL of them.  At their homes, something made of paper, not microwaves, that 
costs them nothing, that lies around on their tables that someone picks up 
now and then and looks at even if it is to scoot dust off the bureau.

Not just a certain segment of them.

You need to be able to regain complete control of your own destiny again.

You can not do that unless you have AMERICA with you.

You can not have "America With You" if you can not even just look them up 
and say "Hi" for opening cards.

You MUST contact America.


Find a f*cking way or leave me the f*ck alone with all this whining about 
Freedom this Democracy that.

If you do NOT give a flying f*ck about Freedom, Justice, Democracy, 
Equality, Humanity, Etc, then just sit there on your *ss and do absolutely 
nothing to *Contact America*, which you, Freedom, Democracy, Equality, 
Humanity and Etc =desperately= need, and just keep whining.

There is no other exit door to Real Freedom.

Let's repeat that for the people who think they know every f*cking thing in 
the world.

There is no other exit door to Real Freedom.

Getting in touch with the people you actually need to save your own country 
and the world is your only option.

Get the money.  Do it.

Or shut the f*ck up about it, you're starting to make me sick.

You domesticated bunch of trained monkeys reaching futilely through the 
bars of your own making by your own cowardice.

If you're going to talk the talk, you better f*cking be able to walk the walk.

Put up or shut up.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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