[Mb-civic] Hickory Dickory Dock, America Ran Up The Clock

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Sat Sep 18 00:44:11 PDT 2004

Hickory Dickory Dock, America Ran Up The Clock

Ok, so by now you realize you live in either the real Hell or something 
like it.

The most notoriously Free country in the world has been taken over by a 
conglomeration of raving anti-TheLiving nuts.

And you pay their salaries and for everything else they do with your own money.

And they're destroying the planet and everything that lives on it.

So the question is, what are you going to do about it now that you know it.

I asked someone that the other day and they just looked at me.

And then I said "Ok, not only what are you going to do about it, but what 
*can* you do about it..?", and they just looked at me again.

They didn't have an answer.

You live in a world where madmen force you to destroy the planet with your 
own hard-earned money and have insanely managed to actually convince you 
that it's all good for you.

While they tell you everything's all right, don't worry, and go back to the 
drawing board.

And it's been going on forever.  It's just getting more interesting now 
that the various advances in technology are coming into play.

Ok, so what can you do...?  What can anyone do...?

As far as making a major dent in the entire process of corruption, 
destruction and deception etc, most likely nothing whatsoever.

That's not to suggest you should become apathetic or non-inspired etc, but 
just to remind you of the simple reality of the entire situation.

The resources of the planet will run out some day, the pollution is already 
rampant globally, there's no plan in motion for any alternatives to any of 
"all that bad stuff that is provenly dangerous to living things on this 
planet" which is coming to save us on a big white horse in shining gleaming 
armor, including the mythical "Regime Change".

And we still have Leaders, globally, who would rather run around and invent 
new nuclear bunker buster bombs, new toys to control large masses of 
people, etc, and who have bankrupted both you and the quality of life you 
once hoped for your future and the future of your descendants while 
continuing to force you to pay for it all with you hard-earned tax dollars, 
rather than actually save the planet and the people who inhabit it that 
they themsevles have just about choked to death on just about every 
conceivable level.

The clock is ticking for existence itself.

It's just that all the "wow, it's here now" evidence just isn't here yet 
clearly enough.

So few people look that far ahead and think about it, much less wish to 
recognize that it is on its way, or that it could ever even preposterously 
come into "being".

Actually, we're smack dab in the middle of it, but they can't put their 
hand in the wounds on the side of "The Christ" so they offer you a couple 
of bucks for another drink and a pat on the back.

How easily Total Destruction has been heaped upon them.

Although a major gutless cop-out, perhaps it *is* easier to just sleepwalk 
through it all.

With corporate glut pulling so many strings, and so many officials 
complicit in graft, the "long awaited change for the better in The System" 
looks like it is just not coming before everything *finally* turns to sh*t 
*completely* in that ridiculously abstract thing called The Future.

Many of us will perhaps no longer be hanging around here in these corporeal 
forms when the sh*t finally hits the fan.

It will fall to a much less well-prepared (as if there is some kind of 
"preparation" for the manmade extinction of anything but Hell Itself on 
this tiny green planet) group of younger people.

They will slaughter them, enslave them, and breed them like cattle as 
workers and as food just as in "The Time Machine" as the Morlocks did (the 
original one, not that schlock that came out not too long ago).

It has, sadly and unfortunately, now become obvious, at least to someone, 
that "They", the people who have screwed you forever and continue to do so, 
are still making sure that *Their* plans for "The Future" remain right on 

Their Future for you, your descendants, and everything else that moves, 
breathes, smiles, grows, or exists on this planet is "Welcome to Hell, 
we've been expecting you".

Can't you see the preparations in place...?  That have been in place for 
quite some time now...?

You can't...?   Geez...  Heh...  Look closer.  They're there.  Staring you 
in the face.

It's all like one big jigsaw puzzle.  You look at all the pieces and 
initially go "No way.  There is *no* way that all those miniscule little 
pieces all fit together to make up a giant full picture.".

And then it hits you.......

You *are* in Hell.


We must have done *something* bad sometime or we probably wouldn't be here, 
lol, and, sorry, this doesn't look like the authentic video game of 
Freedom, Truth, Equality, Justice, Humanity, Etc to me no matter how many 
times I have to live through it.

They took a fine dream of crystalline wisdom, beauty, and freedom, and 
twisted it to their own devises so far out of the original reality, and 
actually have been able to get away with it so easily all this time, that 
it is really rather spectacular, as far as global heists go, lol.

They stole your planet.

They stole your money.

They stole your environment.

They stole your common sense, good judgement, and ability to even hold 
anyone accountable anymore for anything.

They stole everything.

Including your Future.

Whether this was or is Hell remains debatable, I'm sure, but they have 
nevertheless managed to Create Hell itself right before your eyes, and 
suckered you into paying for it all with your money, time, and very lives 
of your existence, as they finalize the end parts of The Master Formula to 
permanently "open the gate between Life and Hell" on some stupid little 
planet called Earth.

What a great deal we got goin' here, eh....?


Ok, suckers, so what *ARE* you going to do about it, remains The Question 
of the eons.

Face it, the Morlocks and Eloi exist.  They are the Morlocks.  You are the 
Eloi.  They are eating you.  Do something.

Oh well, tick tock, times up for tonight's session.

If you come up with an actual rational Answer, get back to me.

Until then, I'll be working on another jigsaw puzzle, I already finished 
this one.


- Where has the Earth gone now that I need its song.

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