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Re:  Col. Tim Collins (Retd.) on 'Cynical Iraq War'

Again, with all due respect to everyone and their parakeet, ATTACHMENTS do 
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This is what ATTACHMENTS look like to me on my Internet Browser Screen the 
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<H1 class=head1>Officer who rallied UK troops condemns 'cynical' Iraq war</H1>
<H3 class=head3>By Kim Sengupta</H3>
<P class=padnone>17 September 2004
<P><!-- Indy:Include story# 562600 -->
<P>Colonel Tim Collins, the British commander whose stirring speech to his 
troops on the eve of the Iraq invasion was reportedly hung on a wall in the 
Oval Office by George Bush, has criticised the British and US governments 
over the war.</P>
<P>The officer, who has now left the Army, condemned the lack of planning 
for the aftermath of the conflict and questioned the motives for attacking 
Iraq. He said abuses against Iraqi civilians were partly the result of 
"leaders of a country, leaders of an alliance" constantly referring to them 
as the "enemy ... rather than treating them as people". This attitude was 
inevitably adopted by some soldiers on the ground, he said.</P>
<P>"Either it was a war to liberate the people of Iraq, in which case there 
was gross incompetence, or it was simply a cynical war that was going to 
happen anyway to vent some form of anger on Saddam Hussein's regime with no 
regard to the consequences on the Iraqi people. In that case it is a form 
of common assault - and the evidence would point towards the latter," he 
said on BBC Radio 4's <I>Today</I> programme.</P>
<P>The speech of the commander of the 1st Battalion, the Royal Irish 
Regiment was seized on by advocates of the war. Col Collins faced 
allegations of misconduct during the campaign, but was cleared by an 
inquiry, and subsequently was appointedOBE.</P>
<P>Yesterday Col Collins said that "the whole international community is 
dismayed by the result of the Iraq war" but he felt that liberating Iraq 
was still "the right thing to do. There is no doubt that the country needed 
to be liberated. Whether it could have been done in a different way must be 
judged by history."</P>
<P>He added: "The evidence would show, in hindsight, that the preparations 
for a free and fair Iraq were not made and therefore one must question the 
motivation of the powers that went to attack it. There was very little 
preparation or thought given to what would follow on from the invasion.</P>
<P>"It is fair to say that the United States and its ally the UK are living 
the consequence having removed the Baathist regime without any thought 
about what would replace it. There's no doubt that there was a great deal 
of incompetence involved but ultimately I think one has to look at the 
reasons for going to war."</P>
<P>Asked about the claims of abuse of Iraqi prisoners, Col Collins said: 
"The abuse of any individual is to be condemned without qualification. 
However, I would observe that if the leaders of a country, or the leaders 
of an alliance, talk in terms of 'them', 'the enemy' rather than treating 
them as people, how can they expect the lowest common denominator, the 
basic soldiery, to interpret it in any other way?</P>
<P>"Leadership comes from the top and soldiers at the lowest level will 
interpret their need to act from the guidance given by leaders. They are 
either well led or badly led. Ultimately the responsibility for the actions 
of soldiers must come back to the leaders."</P>
<P>Col Collins was himself accused of striking an Iraqi prisoner with his 
pistol, although he was later exonerated. But he said: "Inevitably my 
decision to leave the Army was influenced by my disillusionment with the 
extent to which the Army supported me after I was doing my best to carry 
out orders as given. I don't think I was let down as much as I don't feel I 
was particularly well supported." </P><!-- start of footer --></TD>
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17 September 2004 17:16</P>
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