[Mb-civic] Hurricanes and globalwarming....AND "When rabbits get a gun"

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Thu Sep 16 21:09:31 PDT 2004

Re:  Hurricanes and globalwarming....AND "When rabbits get a gun"

"We created Osama bin Laden. We taught him to kill, we showed him how
to destroy a superpower, and we gave him a face-first lesson in American
interventionism in his back yard. Whatever predispositions towards
violence and murder existed in him when he was born became honed, refined
and perfected as he watched our government storm the policies, rulers and
innocent people of the Middle East like so many rabbits. We have created
millions more like him."

"We are learning now that the game isn't much fun when the rabbits get a

Excellent realistic perspective of how we actually got to "here".

Keep up the good work.

2 bucks says you can't get the New York Times to print that.


I don't have to wager to understand that nine-tenths or more of Americans 
will never read Pitt's words, nor even know that he ever even wrote them.

Excellent article regardless.

I hate to harp endlessly on "Communication Problems In America", but 
Lithuania continues to have a better chance of having that published widely 
to their citizens than we do.

Among other things.

If anyone can solve *that* little problem, you can change the world instead 
of just thinking about it.

No, don't worry, I won't bring up *The Global Postcard* here as I have 
already figured out that most Americans are simply just too cheap to save 
their own country by opening up a realistic truthful communications channel 
to each of their doorsteps.

"Pitt" who....?   Never heard of him.

People just have no idea whatsoever of how many Americans do not own a 
computer, or if they do, are not hanging out at "TruthOut" etc.

If all you "computer people" could get together and figure out some simple 
way to MAIL truthful information to AMERICANS, you could, again, actually 
make the world a better place to live by simply educating the millions of 
Informationally Deprived Americans.

It would cost you money to send out a postcard or a one page newsletter or 
something, so we might as well forget about "Saving America" and go back to 
hanging out on The Internet, reading things like TruthOut, etc etc etc, 
where most Americans will never find themselves at.

Knowledge is great.  Being informed, educated, or enlightened is wonderful, 
and to some a valued necessity.

However, again and again and again, the *complete inability* of those who 
learn such interesting things to pass them on to the millions and millions 
and millions of The Masses sitting in their living rooms in America remains 
nothing short of phenomenal and an apparently very easy to live with 


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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