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Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Wed Sep 15 20:57:51 PDT 2004

Re:  I'll join it again.

Richard Burns wrote:

However, the only way out quickly at this point is to help turn the 
situation of security around quickly.

That's not going to work.  Got a 2nd suggestion...?

They also have an oil based economy

That is the ONLY reason we are there.  That is the ONLY reason we might 
stay for a zillion years.  To help them manage their oil.  Any other 
fantasies about "Helping Bring Democracy", of any kind, there, is a 
complete lie and nothing else.

A western style democracy won't work in Iraq.  However, an Iraq style
democracy will.

That remains to be seen.  At this late date, I see no democracy whatsoever 
ever blossoming there anytime in the near future.

We've got a lot of very dedicated American's risking there lives and in too 
many case dying.  They aren't doing because of Bush or money.  It's just 
too dangerous of a place.  Most are doing to help the Iraqi's get out of 
the hell hole they've been living in before the war and today.    It's 
really an inspiring story to see.

They might not be "doing it" for "Bush or Money", but "Bush and Money" is 
the Reality as to why they are there, no matter what their personal 
perspective of it might be.

The "hell hole" the Iraqis have been living in before the war and today 
were created by us, America, among others.

Our sanctions alone over the last 12 years murdered 500,000 men women and 
children there.

There is nothing inspiring, at least to me, whatsoever, about US Military 
Personnel being wiped out in the wrong war, at the wrong time, in the wrong 
place, for the wrong reasons.

Anyone who finds "inspiration" hanging around in "The Iraq Story" is, 
unfortunately, continuing to be a victim as well as a conduit for The 
Propaganda that got us in this mess to begin with.

As for the guys on the front line who I met.  The marines.   Very 
intense.  They signed up for this because they had a calling to be 
liberators.  There is no other reason to be a marine today.  You don't 
volunteer hoping not to go to war and get a free education. Those days are 
long gone.  You join, You're gonna see action.  I've often seen parents of 
KIA's talking on the news about how their son had a calling. This attitude 
is evident when you meet a combat Marine in a war zone.   An even more 
inspiring story.

I find *absolutely* nothing "inspiring" about any of that whatsoever.

They are SUCKERS just like the rest of America has wound up being.

Bush and Money took us to Iraq.

It has basically already been *PUBLICLY* proven that we are in the wrong 
country, in the wrong war, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons

Again, anyone who finds "inspiration" in Iraq has become a victim of the 
continuing Propaganda that got us in there in the first place.

We need some good karma about Iraq.  Maybe it will help.

It is not coming.

We've got to make this work. Not for Bush. Not for the war on terrorism. 
For the Iraq people. For our troops safe trip home.  Failure is not an option.

No we don't.

And yes, "Failure" is an option.  In fact it's just about the only logical 
option left at this time.

Withdraw, leave, remove our troops.

End of story.

Anything else is simply continuing to follow, endorse, enforce, and 
facilitate the bizarre dreams of majestically rabid people like Dick Cheney 
who has already been proven *PUBLICLY* to be nothing less than an ordinary 

Continuing to needlessly sacrifice our own Military Personnel there is witless.

Finding "inspiration" over there as we are doing it is refusing to stare 
the Reality of it dead on in its face.

In the face of more dead Americans there, and the Oil Myth about "Sowing 
Democracy" across The Middle East, I will take REALITY every time.

We got screwed when Bush & Gang & Money took us to Iraq.

The continuing and far-reaching effects of that Screwing will be with us a 
long long long time, in more ways than just devastating our economy.

Finding "inspiration" over there is, again, nothing short of continuing to 
be a victim or conduit for the idiotic Lies and Propaganda that got us over 
there in the first place.

If it was the right war, in the right place, at the right time, for the 
right reasons, that would be an *entirely* different matter.

The Reality of the situation indicates that it continues to not be so.

Just as it was when we embarked on the journey.


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