[Mb-civic] Russia & Israel

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Wed Sep 15 20:21:28 PDT 2004

Re:  Russia & Israel

Russia & Israel getting cozier for the "cause".



That is so hilarious considering that The Israeli Government's actions, 
global weapons sales, and refusal to ever negotiate in good faith with 
"Anyone But Israel" over the last half century are greatly responsible for 
those 150 dead Russian School Children, as well as The Russian Government 

Go ahead, Russia, scoot right up close to Israel.

They'll teach you everything they know about problem solving.

It's obviously worked for them so well these last 50 years, what have you 
got to lose...

Chechnya (sp), Russia's 2nd Viet Nam.

History so far has irreversibly proved the Israeli Government to be nothing 
less than murdering pigs who prefer to hang on to Real Estate as opposed to 
even the remotest chance of Peace across The Middle East.

To them the U.N., among other things and other peoples, is nothing more 
than toilet paper to be used whenever there is a shortage.

And their vast vanity, greed, racism, and unwillingness to even attempt to 
Make Peace (sure, they're not alone in that) remains a contributing factor 
as to why 2 Jets slammed into The World Trade Centers on September 11, 2004.

Russia, go fuck yourself, you were murdering pigs over the last 50 years, 
and nothing seems to have changed.

Now in bed with the Israeli Government, one can only suggest using a condom 
so neither of you have any murderous offspring like yourselves.

Russia and Israel, sittin in a tree
First comes Security, then comes carnage
And then comes devastation from two assholes "cooperating".

Wake me up when something I don't already know hits the air waves.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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