[Mb-civic] EDITORIAL Blood on the NRA's Hands LATimes

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Mon Sep 13 20:18:06 PDT 2004

Re:  EDITORIAL Blood on the NRA's Hands LATimes

"So today the expired ban is a trophy Bush can lay at the NRA's feet as the 
group readies its presidential endorsement."

Finally, sanity.  Or at least part of it...........

The "assault rifle bill" was "allowed to lapse" because we are almost just 
1 month away from Presidential Election time here, and Bush needs EVERY 
vote he can squeeze from ANY direction.

They're right, though, assault rifles usually aren't that cool when you're 
hunting turkeys, grouse, or deer, but, as they also note, that particular 
shooting they are referring to was done by "a gang", and by a gun that 
wasn't, unfortunately, even covered under that particular law.

And, =again=, a "gang", or anyone for that matter, if they really wish to, 
can turn around any corner in "gang land" and for the right price on the 
black market load up a whole bus full of weapons much more devastating than 
"an assault rifle".

I'll be quiet about this, as any murder or death is sad, tragic, and 

But considering, again, that MOST shootings etc in AMERICA are done with 
HAND GUNS, the hoopla about "assault rifles" one and a half months before 
this Presidential Elections is a DISTRACTION, intended to bring Bush votes 
from ANY direction including "gun lovers", but a DISTRACTION nevertheless.

Also considering that AMERICA managed, by sanctions, to murder about 
500,000 Iraqi men, women, and children over the last 12? years, makes "the 
number of gun deaths in the USA" (god bless the victims and their families 
regardless) seem by comparison a slap on the wrist when it comes to 
"deaths" statistics.

Again, death by someone killing you is not right etc, but if you sit around 
and add up the MILLIONS of people that are MURDERED **EVERY G*DDAMN YEAR** 
across This Planet because of our own SANCTIONS etc, or where they cannot 
get just plain old good drinking water, food, or the lowest of simple 
medicines, it makes "American Thoughts" seem more and more Total 
Isolationist by the millisecond.

A vast global atrocity that nobody seems to notice, or are unable to 
change, or just don't give a flying fuck about.

So far, in just the last couple of years, we ourselves have managed to 
murder MORE Iraqi civilian men, women, and children, than just about ALL 
the gun deaths in America in the last half century.

I'll have to look that actual Statistic up, but I'm rather sure it's very 
close to being something exactly like that.

Hey, but yeah, I forgot myself for a second, you're right, fuck em, they're 
not Americans.

And we are.

That makes a BIG difference.

Doesn't it..........


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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