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According to official reports (including that of FEMA), the collapse of the World Trade Center towers was caused by the heat of the flames produced by the jet fuel causing the steel structure of the building to weaken, thereby causing the floors above the fires to collapse on the floors below, and the inability of those floors to hold that weight.

Here are some interesting facts:

1.  Jet fuel is a hydrocarbon.  Hydrocarbons burn at a maximum temperature of 2,100 degrees.

2.  The temperature at which steel melts is 2,500 degrees.

3.  When dispersed (as it was by the impact of the crash), jet fuel burns off rapidly; i.e., it is not a sustained fire.  (Think about how quickly charcoal lighter fluid dies down when you throw a match into the grill; it's the same principle.)

4.  The smoke emanating from the two towers was thick and grey, indicating a fire starved for oxygen; i.e., one that was going out, or at best burning at a low temperature.

5.  There was no substance in the towers that could have burned at anywhere near the 2,500 degrees it takes to melt steel.

These are facts, not conjectures.  You can look all up #'s 1-4 on numerous scientific websites.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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