[Mb-civic] ŒDestroy Saudi Arabia, Iran¹

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ŒDestroy Saudi Arabia, Iran¹

Press Trust of India
London, September 12


Nobel Prize winning author Sir Vidia Naipaul has said countries like Saudi
Arabia and Iran, which foment religious war, must be destroyed.

The 72-year-old India-born author, in an interview published in The Observer
on Sunday, however had a word of advice for people: "hate oppression, but
fear the oppressed." Naipaul said the thing he saw in the current terrorism
was the exulting in other people's death.

"We are told the people who killed the children in Russia were smiling. The
liberal voices were ready to explain the reasons for their actions. But this
has no good side. It is as bad as it appears," he said.

Asked about a proper response of the West, Naipaul said "well, clearly Iraq
is not the place to have gone. But religious war is so threatening to the
rest of us that it cannot be avoided. "It will have to be fought... There
are certain countries which foment it, and they probably should be
destroyed, actually."

Question: Saudi Arabia?

Naipaul: "I would like to think so, yes."

Question: Iran?

Naipaul: "I think Iran has to be dealt with, too."

Naipaul believes that the world is yet to confront the implications of the
rise of Islamic states.
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