[Mb-civic] Sharon Predicts Civil War In Israel

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Sun Sep 12 23:38:15 PDT 2004

Sharon Predicts Civil War In Israel


Security officials said recently that extremists are planning violent 
resistance to the proposed withdrawals.

Last week, in an unprecedented step, a group of prominent hardliners 
published a petition calling on soldiers to disobey orders to carry out the 

We are witness in recent days to the most grave incitement and I would say 
calls that are actually directing toward a civil war," Sharon said. "I view 
this with the utmost gravity.

He said the army should not be part of the political debate, and urged 
Cabinet members, including the defense and public security ministers, to 
speak out more against the threatened violence.

Tens of thousands of opponents to the withdrawal plan were scheduled to 
demonstrate Sunday night in Jerusalem.


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