[Mb-civic] Re: MB WashPost Article - A Failed Investigation

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Sat Sep 11 03:31:24 PDT 2004

Re:  MB WashPost Article - A Failed Investigation

I just wanted to briefly [CENSORED] about the article which [CLASSIFIED] 
put here.  I would really like to [SECRET] that everyone go to that 
[CLASSIFIED] and read the entire [TOP SECRET].

The [CLASSIFIED] about [CENSORED] forever cover-upedly investigating 
themselves as if that could ever sanely be [CLASSIFIED] as any longer 
justifiable or even just [NATIONAL SECURITY] old American, brought to mind 
just about any of the [SECRET] outrageous parts of any [CLASSIFIED] fiction 
book suddenly being literally old hokey stuff in face of this new 
traditional [CLASSIFIED] America and the crimes now being openly [SECRET] 
by [CENSORED] who have the [DELETED] to call themselves our [CLASSIFIED] as 
they betray [TOP SECRET] own country, all of us, and everything that 
[DOUBLE TOP SECRET] has ever stood for both to all of us and all those 
[CENSORED] all across this potentially [SECRET] gleaming planet and this 
country which seemed to at one time [CLASSIFIED] hope and light to all the 
[DELETED] in lands which most of us would never be able to even visit but 
just heard of even if it was to just one [CENSORED] individual reaching out 
their [CLASSIFIED] in [TOP SECRET] desperation from the darkness of their 

But, I guess, like [CLASSIFIED] say, the [SECRET] things change, the more 
[DELETED] stay the [CENSORED], well, at least something like [CLASSIFIED] I 
believe, he he [CLASSIFIED]


So, America has fallen.

Eisenhower, among [CLASSIFIED], was a prophet.

Hitler was not just a man.

His was a spirit as well.

And it appears that something so close to that spirit has now taken over 
America completely.

If you need anything clearer than the word of a gentleman to convince you, 
then I'm sorry, but you're barking up the wrong tree.

If you're not scared by now, don't worry, you will be.

But as the old saying in the legends goes, if it gets that late, it won't 
matter anymore.

Right now, it still matters, as I am typing this, and somewhere all over 
the earth there are millions of other people typing something very close to 
what has just been [CLASSIFIED] on your screen.

Go ahead, while we're waiting you can briefly reacquaint yourself with 
"directed energy non-lethal weapons" or somesuch, which fits into all this 
like sadly too comfortably and coming to a passing beam near your American 
residence sometime in the near future.

"A Failed Investigation".

What an ironic title, heh.....

Well, the meat's on the grill now and it's sizzling.

All the lights are on, and you're in the grip of some Amer-Fascist mindset 
that has basically taken a big shit on your country, taken all the marbles, 
and you're looking better and better to them as prison prototype potentials 
(PPP) every minute of each new day as they're running around conquering the 
world, blowing up people, spreading their brand of "Demokracy" while they 
make things worse and we continue to pay for it all with our own 
hard-earned money.

And the American Media is sitting out there, right now, going "Yes, Yes, 
Yes, [CLASSIFIED] me baby, [CLASSIFIED] me, harder, yes, oh [CLASSIFED] 
that's right, oh god, [CLASSIFIED] me good baby, harder, [CLASSIFIED] me 
dammit, yes, Yes, YES, YES, YES, YES, OH [CLASSIFIED], YES, OH GOD, YES, OH 

To Our Own People at The Top here who have now resurrected both Hitler and 
McCarthy in one gentle fell swoop of sardonic adoring love and care for 
America, all her People, and all her Freedom Inspiring ways.

The concept of "A Major Disaster" does not quite catch the mood.

Nor the sense of being awash in shit with Democracy and one oar.

Hey, somebody out there, anybody, start rowing, quick.


- Where has the [CLASSIFIED] [DELETED] now that [SECRET] need its [CLASSIFIED]

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