[Mb-civic] Gun Profits for Votes: It's Enough to Make You Sick

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About Gun Control Bill, NRA and Bush

Gun Profits for Votes: It's Enough to Make You Sick 

By Dianne Feinstein
Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic U.S. senator from California, is the chief sponsor of the renewal of the assault weapons ban. This article is adapted from comments made Tuesday on the Senate floor.

September 10 2004

Ten years ago, Congress passed the assault weapons ban, one of the most important public safety measures this country has seen. Although it was not perfect, it represented the best we could do to stem the growth and spread of these weapons throughout our cities and states. But that legislation is going to expire Monday, despite the fact that we have 52 votes for its reauthorization (if it were allowed to come to the Senate floor) and the fact that nearly three-fourths of the American public supports the ban, as do two-thirds of gun owners and every major law enforcement organization in the country. 

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