[Mb-civic] Another Midnight Poem.....

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Fri Sep 10 00:34:42 PDT 2004

Another Midnight Poem.....

So many things one might know
Are written in the hands of those who go
To the precipice of hell and look over the edge
Yet live to remind themselves of that ledge
And the things they saw so tottering there
With a stench so great it burned the air
Demons and dark lords and preyers of souls
Gathering in the gloom crawling from holes
Yet you stood alone as the darkness grew
And though trembling, your sword of might you drew
And slaughtered the left and right and dearth
And then turned away to the tune of mirth
And came back to the living, the time of the dawn
And forgot long ago of the other world's song
That scatter and flit like stories of old
In both day and night seeking warmth from their cold
You went back to your fortune, butcher, baker, or smith
And pretended it was all just conjuring and myth
It was easier to travel on, joke, and forget
Than to admit the truth of what you saw and had met
Yet, deep in the night, as you toss and turn
You remember the sights, the smell that did burn
The demons, and dark lords, and preyers of souls
You slew by the many as the legends of old
Yet you rest in your bed and you close your eyes
Remember the howls and pretend it was lies
 From under your bed where you placed it one night
You pull once again slowly the sword of might
And rest it by your side in case this is the dream
Lest the legions of madness o'er the precipice stream
And across the nations bring death and woe
With no mercies granted as all life's ebbs slow
The sweat from your forehead runs down your face
You tighten your grip and the sword embrace
Then next morning the demons and darkness are gone
And you hear the sweet trill of morning's song
But something is different, yes, it is you
You remember what you saw and heard and knew
The day has not changed except in yourself
Where all truth lay on its dusty shelf
And you hear the world whisper "we need you again"
Then you felt your spirit riding the wind
No more time for lies and death
Tis for life we go fighting and the task well met
For all is not fallow as the shadows come once more
To the edge again the sword of might does roar
And the little child beside you grasps your hand
The fear in his face you finally understand
As they come streaming again o'er the precipice anew
You realized no one could stop them but me and you
So lay again next night in your bed so quiet
Dream a good dream and then put out the light
But remember the legends that all put to rest
Were the part of the truth that was always the best
For no matter what slinks or creeps through your door
Where life goes from here the choice is still yours.
Anything else has always only been lies
And to you a human that should be no surprise
The only freedom that goes walking through the death that flies
Still comes from just you, so never close your eyes.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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