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 Iraq's Terrorist Haven
   PRESIDENT BUSH boasted again yesterday that his administration is "on the offensive" against terrorism and is "chasing down these killers overseas so we don't have to face them here at home." At the Republican convention last week, he said his plan for Iraq was to "help new leaders . . . move toward elections and get on the path of stability and democracy as quickly as possible." Yet on the ground in Iraq stands a glaring contradiction to those statements: the Sunni cities of Fallujah, Ramadi and Samarra, where the United States has withdrawn its forces, allowing extremist movements and foreign terrorists to take over. These strongholds now pose a serious threat to U.S. forces, to Iraq's interim government and to the plan to hold national elections in January. Yet even as it contends with Shiite militants in southern Iraq and the slums of Baghdad, the U.S. military leadership has announced that it cannot eliminate these sanctuaries for Baathists and suicide bombers before December.
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