[Mb-civic] Rumsfield on Iran

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Wed Sep 8 20:56:41 PDT 2004

Re:  Rumsfield on Iran

"Iran is a country that is not part of the civilized world in terms of its

"dealing with a country that's separated itself from the civilized community"

"an organized effort to try to persuade a country to behave in a civilized way"

"the civilized world has to stay on the offensive"

Dear Mr. Rumsfeld,

Go fuck yourself.

Blathering on about yourself as part of the "civilized" world while 
referring to other countries you need to invade as the "uncivilized 

True, Iran is not on my agenda to vacation there anytime soon, but you, 
Rumbo, make a baboon's ass seem comforting by comparison.

"America", this "civilized" country, throughout HISTORY has managed to step 
on just about fucking everyone.

We almost wiped out all the American Indians.  They were obviously sitting 
on resources they had no business having in the first place, and as 
"barbarians" wouldn't know what to do with it to begin with.

You fed black men radiation in their oatmeal to see if they would glow in 
the dark.

You're the only country to have ever used the Atomic Bomb in warfare, 
plopping it right down on vast civilian populated areas, while then trying 
to cover-up the actual numbers of people it killed, and the myriad horrible 
ways they met their deaths.

You have more Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Weapons than ANY other 
country in the entire Planet Earth.

You're the biggest fucking most corrupt bully on the entire fucking block.

Your courts are a joke, your poor sit at home by candlelight and wish for 
anything but the misery they endure, your politicians are on payola from 
just about every corporation in the yellow pages, your education system is 
a shambles and a joke, your media people seem to have turned into that 
little toy that comes in boxes of Cracker Jacks, your military sucks up 
much more of its share of taxpayer's hard earned money while the General 
Public takes it up the ass economically and watch you invent more 
"non-lethal" weapons you can use on your own populations, your "Leaders" 
lead us into wars that bankrupt our country, kill massive amounts of 
civilians, in the wrong countries, at the wrong time, in the wrong wars, 
and then turn around and tell everyone "we're winning the war, don't 
worry", your politicians have let the environment go literally to hell, 
America is so polluted from sea to bubbling sea with every kind of chemical 
etc pollution that so many Americans are dying from cancers etc that it is 
a domestic atrocity to begin with, the list of what you have done and 
continue to do to not only your own people, your environment, but the rest 
of the world as well to literally destroy it, enslave it, manipulate it, 
and suck every ounce of monetary gain out of it for your bigger 
corporations, your politicians, and your more elite citizens as the rest of 
us go down the toilet waving what's left of Old Glory can best be added to 
by more knowledgable people, however, that List *is* basically *endless*.

Shove it up your ass, Mr. Rumsfeld.

You suck pus-filled syphlitic dicks.  You should have been relegated to 
mowing lawns in Laos or somewhere long ago, but other assholes like you 
found a need for you to fill a unique position in this your "civilized" world.

And, boy, do you fill it, turdface.

One reason people like "Iran" exists in whatever sense they might be 
"dangerous" is because assholes like you created it all to begin with.

You gave them the reasons, the means, and the opportunities to become who 
they have now become.

Playing God in your own shitty "civilized" manner.

And now you're going to sweep across the Middle East region, for starters, 
and "save the world" by blowing the crap out of your own creations while 
claiming to the suck-ass media that you have now "finally brought 
civilization to the barbarians and saved America at the same time".

Eat shit and choke on a chicken bone.

Your pal,


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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