[Mb-civic] 1002 US Military deaths in Iraq

Harold Sifton harry.sifton at sympatico.ca
Tue Sep 7 17:16:19 PDT 2004

Not a proud landmark is it. 1002 US military deaths in Iraq.


How many Iraqi militia/soldiers/civilian etc.. deaths are unknown, the US military refuses to release that info.

How many Coalition deaths military/civilian ??

How many US Military/Coalition wounded ??

How many Iraqi militia/soldiers/civilian wounded ??

12 US deaths alone in the last 2 days, does not look like success, does it!

How many 100's more or another 1000 more will this take, before it is realized that it is a Cluster F**k, a SNAFU again!

The American people do not want another Vietnam, so it looks like Bush will be voted back in on the American ego alone, whether right or wrong, they now want to win this. But what is winning, how can you turn a wrong into a right, propaganda will not be enough ?

Poor planning, ignorance of history, of the political social economic, and of the cultural environment etc.. is the downfall of this American folly.

And the global community will suffer from it, these ill-conceived actions only fuels the fire !!

Later H

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