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Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Tue Sep 7 14:03:02 PDT 2004

Re:  Article from Tom Dispatch

Wow.  Great article.  It actually managed to make me sad.  LOL...

There always has been a thin blue line between Freedom and a Total Police 
State in America.

It apparently has now been permanently crossed.

Great article.

Things have apparently changed dramatically since I left NYC.

And adding the convergence of just about every Federal "control agency" 
onto NYC with the RNC, and sprinkle the NYPD on top for full flavor, and I, 
sadly, see no plans in my immediate future for revisiting a place where I 
used to could just sit in any park there, smoke a doob, and play my guitar 
without anyone even paying me notice.

The Republicans are not stupid people, although they remain blatant 
death-dealing freedom-ending psychotics.

They chose NYC for the RNC so carefully.

The main message was not "Re-Elect Bush".

But rather "Look at us.  We have the power.  We *are* the power.  We are in 
control.  You will learn to serve this power in the Future willingly one 
way or another.  Next time we storm your living room we expect a better 
reception assholes."

The ultimate betrayal of all New Yorkers, no matter what political affiliation.

When the last thing on an American's mind is being frightened by something 
called al-Qaeda, and is replaced by being frightened by Our Own People, 
purposely, the shit has hit the fan.

If people could step out from their delusions, illusions, and seductions 
they allow to be practiced upon them, they might begin to plan how to 
dismantle the monster which has already taken root in America.

Geez, what an impossible task.  LOL.....

How can you re-train an entire conglomerate of Law Enforcement Agencies and 
their personnel from Federal, to State, to Regional, to District, to 
County, to Municipal levels and convincingly re-instruct them that America 
is created for Individual Americans and their Freedoms first and 
Politicians and Government Agencies and Agents secondly...?

You can't.

They like their jobs too much and it gives them a rush to play 007 on 
*anybody* on their home turf, especially since al-Qaeda are nowhere to be 
found (that still means that *we* are the only people left they have to 
practice saving America on), and it's fun to watch Americans in wire cages 
squealing like pigs.

And, of course, you have the tried and trusted Very Bottom Line:

"I'm just doing my job."

The only problem with that in "Today's America" is the same problem we had 
with that in "Yesterday's America", that when one of their Superiors for 
any reason points their finger and whispers "Witch..!!", they go out and 
start to collect firewood, round up all the witches, and burn them at the 

What a job.

I'm glad I missed the Republican Piss On America And NYC party this time 
around in Manhattan and surrounding areas.

I love NYC.  If I had been still living there, I would have probably stayed 
just to watch although I would have advised everyone else and their dog to 
leave during the RNC.

Most people that left during such a fiasco probably left to get away from 
the madness, the clutter, the incoming glut of authority, the problems that 
are involved in such a convention etc.

But deep down inside I think they subliminally just couldn't stand to have 
their hearts broken any further, especially since 911, by watching a 
literal occupying army from our own country treating American Citizens and 
the place they live, work, laugh, cry, and raise their children like pig 
shit while some monster called The Republican Party was inside Madison 
Square Garden taking a piss on the flag, their town, and everything America 
stands for.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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