[Mb-civic] Girlie Man Craps Out On History

Cheeseburger maxfury at granderiver.net
Mon Sep 6 06:53:02 PDT 2004

Girlie Man Craps Out On History


I don't believe when they said "give us your teeming masses yearning to be 
free" they meant some guy whose first movie role was as Hercules, dubbed in 
MuscleVision, and who has his lips firmly attached to the Republican 
Party's ass.

Maybe I misread it.  Maybe they did.  Oh well, I'm sure Schwarzenegger's 
spokespeople will correct me if I'm wrong.

Who knows, maybe Schwarzy *is* really The Terminator.

Yes, by all means, let's keep that "no foreign-born people can be President 
Of The United States" rule completely intact.


- Where has the sparrow gone now that I need its song.

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