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Are you aware that Ah-nuld is already suggesting a constitutional amendment that would allow non-American-born citizens (mmm...like him, for instance) to run for President?  And that at least one Republican senator is actively supporting this idea?

Stranger and stranger...

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  .......the replublican convention, viewed with european eyes, was extremely alarming.talk about showing their true colours...to me it is absolutely amazing that there is any contest whatsoever. how any person in their right mind could support these people is simply mind boggling...cheney being howled on by a mindless lynch mob...arnold [adolf schickelgruber] schwartzeneggerterminator baying about things he saw that happened in austria before he was born..it's hardly surprising that actors move to politics. acting is lying [pretending what is not is]the better the liar the more awards they win.//.then we have the whole convention booing the united nations....and yet we have a race that is "too close to call"..i must reiterate a statement that caused much anger..."what does this tell us about the american people?".....madbaker


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