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Harold Sifton harry.sifton at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 5 14:24:31 PDT 2004

"Four more Years" could mean ........
Article by Tim Harper in The Toronto Star


>From Tim's perspective, 4 more years of Bush would lead to deeper divisions in the American people, loss of liberty and a build up of America's War Machine ! This is a Canadian journalist viewpoint, which was published in the Toronto Star, Canada's largest city daily, which is also distributed across Canada through various chain news stands/book stores etc....... 
The press run is over 1,500,000 copies daily. The Toronto Star is traditionally a Liberal paper. 
Point being, it is not that I like, or other Canadians like Kerry, I do not like and other Canadians do not like Bush and his administrations foreign policies. This will be the most watched election in the history of the world. Right now the outcome is favoured towards Bush (for God knows what reasons, the Republicans love power and will do anything to keep it, that is known)

What troubles me is that the American economy tends to flourish more for the country under Democrats than Republicans, so why are Americans in general supporting Bush ? We know what the American media and pollsters are saying, but what are the American really people thinking and why?
The media and pollsters will print anything for money, first to print whether right or wrong....... The pollsters will survey 1000 people and the say this is what America is thinking, there are 350,000,000  plus Americans, I do not buy that survey, but the Media does and their Press runs and TV coverage are in the millions and that influences people, that is a concern!

The war on terror is there, no question about it, but it is not just against America, it is against the World, in different places, different forms and for different reasons. This is a Global concern, not just American, and the Global concern with Bush is that this war is being used for ulterior motives.
Whether it is or is not, the perception is there, and it is there because of Bush's administration's handling of it. "with us against us" policy , bad decision making etc.... Washington is entrenched with agenda's / lobbyists for personal/corporate gain and the American people and the global community will/are suffering from it. I do not think Kerry is the solution, he is not the best man, but he is not a Republican. I would rather see Al Gore and/or Hillary Clinton, they have the experience, the knowledge and strength to make decisions to lead America and work with the Global community! But that is not happening in this election. At the end of the day, the vote decision will either be "against" Bush, or "not for" Kerry, that concerns me, because the voter numbers/turnout will/may not be there and therefore not enough to get Bush out!!

Remember, Bush's administration is fighting for their lives, they are old, these are their last days, they will not be around in 4 years to do this again.
Therefore they,Cheney,Rumsfeld etc, are desperate and will do anything to keep their power. That is a concern!

Just thinking, H

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