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Well, people were illegally arrested at the RNC, which is an unfortunate
comment on the state of affairs in America at this time. Very reminiscent of
the DNC and 1968, although there does not seem to have been violence, thank
heavens-reminds me of the Nixon days, but feels more sinister.
 This is an eyewitness account from a courageous woman of what happened,
which should not have happened.
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> RNC Update 10  Out of Jail‹Keep Support Coming
> Dear friends,
> I was arraigned and released last night about 1 AM after thirty some hours in
> custody‹I¹m fine though have reached a new state of sleep deprivation that I
> wish I could market as a tranquilizer‹anyway, I hope later today or tomorrow
> to write up the full story.  For now, there are still people in jail from the
> mass arrests on the 31.  Most were arrested for horrible crimes like walking
> on the sidewalk‹swept up by police nets or corralled by the cops while they
> were perfectly legal.  Many New Yorkers who were not in the protest were
> caught in the sweeps.  We were held on Pier 57, now referred to as ³Guantanamo
> on the Hudson²‹a big pier full of metal, fenced pens with an asphalt floor
> soaked in diesel oil, a highly toxic and unpleasant environment.  Then we were
> taken to the Central jail, for a long period of waiting and being transferred
> into various cells.  The process was agonizingly slow and uncomfortable and
> exhausting, but the cops and the guards on the whole were professional and
> decent and many are supportive, and said privately that they don¹t like Bush
> either.  I¹ve heard a few rumors of beatings or unpleasant treatment, but I
> didn¹t see anything like that.
> However, they are making it extremely difficult for people to reclaim their
> property‹death by bureaucracy.  As that property includes our indispensable
> cell phones, it makes for a difficult day.
> I don¹t know as yet how many people are doing jail solidarity‹the Pagan
> Cluster decided not to as we judged that the vast number of people arrested
> weren¹t expecting to be, weren¹t prepared, and that we didn¹t have the numbers
> to make it effective.  Plus upping the ante might end up making a stressful
> experience even more traumatic for the vast majority who got swept up by the
> police in illegal arrests.  When I left the jail vigil this morning at 5 am,
> all of our Pagan Cluster men and about half the women were out.  I¹m about to
> head back there.
> You can help support those who are still in jail by calling or emailing
> Bloomberg and the Police Commissioner and telling them:
> Release the RNC prisoners.  Drop the charges.  Stop doing illegal, pre-emptive
> arrests.  (Nmbers below).
> Thanks for all your support!  Starhawk
> Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
> (212) 788 7418 or (212) 788 3000 or (212) 788-9711
>  FAX (212) 788-2460
> E-MAIL:http://nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html
> District Attorney Robert Morgenthau
> (212) 335-9000
> Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly
> http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mailnypd.html
> or call
> (646)610-5410 or (646) 610-5865
> or
> NYC Police Switchboard
> (646)610-5000
> Ask for Commissioners office
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