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Wed Sep 1 22:07:54 PDT 2004

Yes, America, there is a Hippie Dictionary!  Now everyone can grok their own
reducing valve!    

The Hippie Dictionary: A Cultural Encyclopedia of the 1960s and 1970s
(Revised and Expanded Edition) contains 700 pages with over 6,000 entries
about the politics, sex, drugs, rock & roll and granola of the hippie era.
It is a history book, slang dictionary and encyclopedia defining and
describing the words, events, movements, people and craziness of the 1960s
and 1970s.

Published by Ten Speed Press, $19.95
ISBN #1-58008-547-4

The author of The Hippie Dictionary, John Bassett McCleary is the
unquestioned authority of an era that questioned authority.
Web site: http://www.hippiedictionary.com/

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