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POPE JOAN is a controversial musical love story based on the Dark Ages legend of the rise and fall of the only female pope. The plot revolves around Joan and the trinity of influential romances in her life: with God, with Louis (the powerful and dangerous King of France), and with Lucius (a young, sheltered Vatican librarian). Since Joan is disguised as "John" throughout the play, her relationships both defy and transcend gender. With its use of period and ecclesiastical accents to flavor a pop score, the music of POPE JOAN guides the listener through the very human stories it tells.

Set against the backdrop of the pageantry and ritual of the Vatican, POPE JOAN explores themes both ancient and in today's headlines: the longing for a meaningful spiritual experience, the quest for means to express faith in both words and actions, and the impact of women in power. Audiences are naming POPE JOAN the show that expresses their longed-for hopes -- or worst fears -- as women strive for full participation in the Roman Catholic church.

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